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The Public Sector workforce has shrunk considerably in recent years amidst frozen wages and increasing expectations in a time of austerity; the ability to recruit, retain and train talented staff is an ever-present challenge. Meanwhile, unparalleled demands for change require transformational leadership and the ability to transcend old organisational cultures.


  • The UK public sector employs just over a sixth of working people – 5.44 million people compared to the private sector’s 26.42 million.
  • Central government employment was 3.050 million, up 101,000 on the previous year, the highest since comparable records began in 1999.
  • Local government employment was down 9,000 in Q4 least year at 2.104 million, the lowest since comparable records began in 1999
  • Public sector employees take an average of 8.5 sick days a year, per employee, 3.3 days more than those in the private sector.

The Public Sector Show provides expert knowledge in human resources, organisational development, effective leadership and more, through key topic areas, including:

Recruitment and Retention:

Ways of hiring and keeping hold of skilled employees in light of fiscal constraints, competition from the private sector, and Brexit

Overcoming Cultural Barriers to Change:

How leaders can guide their organisations on paths of reform that are embraced by their workforce whilst delivering meaningful change

Cultivating Talent:

Providing training and personal development for gifted employees to develop them into effective experts and leaders

Agile Working:

Creating a 21st century workplace that provides flexible patterns of employment and real work-life balance

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