Graeme McDonald

Managing Director


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Graeme McDonald is Director of Solace, responsible for the overall management of the organisation, policy and communications. He also leads Solace’s commercial leadership, learning and organisational development activites.

Prior to joining Solace Graeme had spent over fifteen years working in local government. He has worked for London Borough, Metropolitan and District councils, his final role was as the Director of Policy and Performance at the London Borough of Ealing. He also has experience in roles within social care, housing and environmental services, as well as a range of corporate and change management roles.

Graeme focuses on influencing policy across central government, ensuring the very best of the sector is shared and built upon, and promoting the reputation of local government and its senior managers. He is particularly keen to develop the sector’s long term leadership capabilities and has developed a number of programmes aimed at firmly embedding high quality professional leadership in local public services.

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