The UK Space Agency: catapulting public services

This week saw Sara Huntingdon from the UK Space Agency speak about the Space for Smarter Government Programme (SFGP), that is aiming to catapult the uptake and use of space products, data and services across government departments.

“We need to demonstrate the art of the possible,” says Sara Huntingdon, when asked about the purpose of the SFGP. The programme hopes to increase the public sector’s use of space as an enabling technology to stimulate innovation and growth whilst at same time making government more efficient and ‘smarter’.

The Programme is structured around three aims:

Raising awareness of space and satellite enabled services:

  • Establish a critical and neutral long-term relationship with Government Departments to understand their priorities and needs
  • Create opportunities for Government-to-Government dialogue and Government-to-Industries and academics dialogue
  • Inspire and educate potential new users and dispel the myths over costs and technical aspects

Improving access to data, information and services

  • Identify the barriers that the public sector faces in relation to using satellites technology data and services, and where possible define actions to remove them
  • Establish a space data catalogue to see where efficiencies can be made

Enhancing industry and government capability

  • The UK Space Agency regularly runs competitions to identify innovative technology solutions to meet public sector requirements.

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If you would like to know more about driving the uptake of next generation technologies across your organisation, you can visit the UK Space Agency at the Public Sector Show at stand G15.