Torsion Consulting: revolutionising contract recruitment operations, reducing costs and removing IR35 concerns

Torsion Consulting was created as a result of the increasing difficulty of working as a contractor in the public sector. Contingent labour is essential to the smooth running of both the public and private sectors and changes to the taxation treatment of contractors is causing difficulty recruiting and retaining essential resource.

Torsion Consulting can revolutionise the way your department handles this difficult issue, reducing cost, increasing speed of recruitment and removing the headache of managing IR35 issues.

The Problem

Recent changes in legislation around the tax treatment of contractors within the public sector means that the onus for determining the taxable status of every individual contractor within a department falls on that department.

As part of the legislative change, it is not acceptable to declare all contractors inside (or indeed outside) the remit of IR35.

Should the assessment of taxable status prove at a later date to be incorrect, then the liability for tax and national insurance falls on the department concerned.  This clearly presents a high level of risk and additional workloads on departments.

The Torsion Solution

Torsion was created by contractors and taxation specialists – people with significant experience of contracting in both public and private sectors.  Our leadership team have all worked as contractors in the public sector and understand and stay up to date with all relevant legislation and regulation.

We understand the need to have quick access to a diverse and highly experienced pool of contractors ready to utilise at short notice.  We also understand that the headache of IR35 needs to be 100% securely handled.  We have a database of active contractors numbering tens of thousands.  These are not merely contractors who have emailed in a CV – they are active participants in our purpose designed community and we understand them and their skills very well.

We act as a hub for all of your contractor needs. We take requirements and can supply anything from an individual to a full team.  We carry out the IR35 assessment on each contractor and underwrite the result – if we get the status wrong, then we bear the liability for any tax, national insurance, penalties and interest that results, without cost to you.

We have a 100% compliant umbrella company and a 100% compliant limited company solution through which our contractors can operate (depending on their IR35 assessment) removing any potential issues for you and your contingent workforce.

None of the above interferes with any contracts in place with “preferred suppliers” or a centralised, contracted-out recruitment service. Torsion works hand in hand with any such contracts.

The Future

As legislation and regulation is changing frequently and at pace, Torsion is the ideal partner to ensure that your contractor needs are met safely, compliantly, quickly and at lower cost than traditional recruitment agencies.

We believe that the contractor marketplace needs to change to deliver the results you need. Torsion delivers that change.

If you would like to know more about how Torsion Consulting has helped public sector organisations tackle contract recruitment you can visit their stand F2 at the Public Sector Show, on 26 June at ExCel London.