Socitm announce Nicola Graham as new President

The ICT association Socitm have announced that Nicola Graham, Head of ICT at Aberdeenshire Council will replace Geoff Connell as their new president. During her acceptance speech in Galsgow, Graham emphasized her desire to explore how the public sector can develop the use of new technologies in a safe and ethical way that will be of benefit to everyone. She made particular reference to the Cambridge Analytica scandal stating “there is clearly a balance between the benefits of embracing technology and using things such as machine learning and data analytics, and the ethical and privacy risks they pose.”

Graham also made it clear she is committed to preparing the public sector workforce for the changes the digital revolution will bring. To summarize, her goals are to:

  • Improve digital capabilities internally
  • Grow workforce competencies
  • Leverage the benefits that new technologies bring

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If you would like to know more about the current priorities of Socitm, the current president Geoff Connell will be speaking at the Public Sector Show on 26th June, at Excel London. Register here to find out more