UK Space Agency: Saving money and delivering economic growth within the Public Sector

SSGP was launched in 2014 in response to the UK’s Civil Space Strategy which aims to drive the uptake and use of space across the UK public sector in order to stimulate growth.

What is the Space for Smarter Government Programme?

SSGP aims to increase awareness, improve access and demonstrate the capability of space services by providing independent advice and support to the public sector and a mechanism for the transparent exchange of ideas and opportunities. Satellite data and space services underpin many aspects of modern life and have been identified as one of the ‘Emerging Technologies’ which could transform the delivery of public sector policy and services. By increasing uptake within the UK Government, the public sector can extract maximum benefit from the increasing amount of data and services which are now becoming available and also use these new applications to help deliver better, more effective or efficient public services.

How we work

SSGP uses three strategic methods to deliver its objectives.

Raising Awareness – Working closely with our stakeholders, we deliver both generic and bespoke training courses aimed at increasing the awareness of satellite enabled applications to public sector employees. We are also closely involved in a number of cross-government working groups such as the Natural Hazards Partnership, UK Environmental Observation Framework and Defra Earth Observation Centre of Excellence as well as others, providing the opportunity to raise awareness of satellite data and services and how they could support the existing public sector requirements of today.

Enabling Access – SSGP engages with a network of stakeholders, from government and NGO’s to major industry players and SME’s. We aim to connect suppliers and end-users, through hosted events, to enable discussions around shared requirements and existing capabilities. This builds awareness of supply and demand which, in turn, can enable successful delivery of policies and match the needs of public sector end users. Not only does this create cost-saving opportunities for the public sector, but it encourages collaboration within government.

Demonstrating Capability – Events such as our annual Showcase, provide the ideal platform to demonstrate the capacity of satellite enabled applications and raises awareness of the art of the possible. Many of the applications have been supported through the SSGP funding schemes and the event helps to inspire and educate potential new users on opportunities, dispelling the myths over costs and technical aspects.

How can we help you?

Through thematic frameworks, we can work with you to understand your requirements, deliver bespoke training to educate on the art of the possible and provide funding for capability demonstrators to help you achieve your policy needs. For ongoing support we also signpost you to suitable events and networking opportunities to further improve your access to satellite-based data, information and services.

To learn more about the Space for Smarter Government Programme, visit our website where you can find all of our project case studies, training courses and loads of useful links, and make sure to come and see us at stand G15 at the Public Sector Show on the 26th of June.