Poor broadband speed hurting rural counties

The County Councils Network (CCN) has discovered that broadband speeds in rural areas can be up to three times slower than in neighboring cities only a few miles away. Locations in North Yorkshire have an average download speed of 30.2mbit/s, compared to York which has an average of 102mbit/s, highlighting the clear rural/urban divide.

According to the study, the highest speed in England is the aforementioned 102.9mbit/s in York, whilst the lowest average speed is 21.8mbit/s in West Devon. A total of 169 areas in England have broadband speeds below the national average, with 83% of these locations based in England’s counties.

Council leaders warn this is putting rural counties at a ‘competitive disadvantage’ to urban areas. Read more here

If you would like to know more about improving the digital infrastructure in your local area, you can hear from leading experts such as Henry Shennan, Deputy Director Broadband at Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, and Derek McManus, Chief Operating Offier at Telefonica O2 in our Infrastrcuture & Planning theatre, at the Public Sector Show on 26 June 2018.