Outsystems: the digital factory

Gartner recently discovered that 42% of CEO’s describe their company’s business stance as “digital first” or “digital to the core”, with the figure only expected to grow. However, such statements tend to contradict the many organisations still operating with an analogue mind-set.

Nick Pike, VP, Outsystems says that desire for digital transformation simply doesn’t match the capacity of IT departments to deliver it. The way forward he says, is a low-code digital factory able to create multiple apps simultaneously and concurrently over short time frames.

As the demand for new apps increases, back logs begin to accrue which overstretches already under-resourced departments. Add into the mix a shortage of skilled developers, the challenge of integrating with legacy systems, silod teams hindering communication, and you are left with several huge road blocks to digital transformation.

Outsystems low-code digital factory represents a solution to these challenges. It brings together specialists from business users, product owners, tech leads, and developers. They all work together, thereby eliminating the communication issues that can plague digital transformation initiatives. The team moves apps from ideation to swift development of a visual minimum viable prototype, which is followed by presentation to stakeholders and incorporation of feedback. After that, it’s on to full development and testing, delivery to the end user, and adoption support and monitoring. Read more here

If you would like to know more about supporting your digital transformation journey, you can visit Outsystems at the Public Sector Show at stand G42.