Masternaut & Cormac: Working together for one and all

Customer overview
Owned by Cornwall Council and employing nearly, 2,000 people, CORMAC is probably best known to those living in the west country as a civil engineering and infrastructure contractor with a strong focus on highway design, construction and maintenance. Not so well known is that CORMAC provides a wide range of services that impact on the lives of a great many of those that reside in or visit the Cornwall area. Offering services that range from facilities management and property maintenance, landscaping, cleaning, caretaking, and grounds maintenance, fleet management and maintenance services, quarried stone and aggregates, a range of laboratory services, support for school crossing patrols and even burials, CORMAC touches people in a wide variety of ways.

The challenge
Given the wide range of services delivered and the need to cover the whole of the south west, CORMAC runs a diverse fleet of approximately 700 commercial vehicles, deployed in both generalist and specialist functions, ranging from cars to LCVs to specialist vehicles. CORMAC had adopted a Masternaut telematics solution some time ago and were happy that their investment had delivered on a number of fronts:

  • Improvements in overall fuel efficiency and fuel cost savings
  • Evaluation of driver behavior and performance metrics to focus training

Convinced about the power and benefits that telematics delivered, CORMAC wanted to ensure that they were able to keep current and to apply best practice techniques to the management and deployment of their fleet. So when the Masternaut Connect platform was launched, a decision was made to migrate from the legacy MWeb platform to take advantage of the improved functionality, ease of use, better user experience and reporting capability offered by Masternaut Connect. However, platform migrations can be technically complex and require detailed planning and project management. CORMAC needed to ensure that their migration was risk-free and that there was no interruption to their everyday fleet management processes and reporting.

The solution
Masternaut’s Catalytix team were engaged to provide the knowledge, skills and capability to manage the project to deliver a timely, cost effective and risk-free migration. Using the ‘adopt’ methodology, the a detailed migration plan was developed in conjunction with the CORMAC team and that timelines, responsibilities and actions and processes were all defined, agreed, recorded and communicated as appropriate. The project was meticulously planned and documented, risks were identified and mitigating actions identified and approved. By mirroring data across both platforms, any risks associated with data loss and corruption were managed and minimised. A communications plan was also developed to ensure that all CORMAC drivers and involved staff were kept fully informed at all times. As the project commenced, weekly calls ensured that everyone understood the action log and that progress was closely monitored and reported. Ad hoc actions were also reviewed, agreed and logged to ensure a complete picture of the migration was kept available.

The outcome
The Catalytix team provided all aspects of the migration project management and organisation, keeping CORMAC fully appraised of progress at all times so that there was complete confidence that all data would be successfully migrated to Masternaut Connect in accordance with the agreed project framework. The project was completed within the planned time scale of 7 weeks and came in on budget. There was no interruption in service delivery and the internal communications plan meant that drivers and system users understood what was happening and were able to swap over platforms seamlessly when the switchover was complete.
With all 700 vehicles now on the Masternaut Connect, CORMAC were quick to take advantage of the easy to use interface, offering real-time data and a view of the fleet in action in a way that is simple to use but delivers powerful results. Likewise the intuitive reporting tools mean that fleet data is now more easily translated into actionable insight, giving CORMAC a more effective tool to manage their fleet in action and to work together for ‘One and All’.

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