Government Property Agency goes live

April 1 saw the launch of the Government Property Agency (GPA), which aims to generate more than £1 billion of financial savings. The GPA is an executive agency of the Cabinet Office and will seek to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Government Estate and generate benefits of between £1.4 billion and £2.4 billion over the next ten years.

The GPA’s initial portfolio of 80 properties will grow to over 1,000 as it takes on increasing responsibility for managing the general purpose central government estate. This is an unprecedented move to manage the government’s property portfolio strategically in order to realise the benefits that departments cannot achieve on their own.

The GPA will partner with government departments to find innovative property solutions, and provide expertise to enable them to deliver wider business change more efficiently. More broadly, the GPA will also be an enabler for the delivery of Civil Service transformation, regional growth and the government’s vision to strengthen the Union. Read more here

If you would like to know more how best to manage your estate, the GPU will be speaking at the Public Sector Show on 26th June, at Excel London. Register here to find out more