In conversation with John Fisher

What is your one forecast/prediction for the public sector this year?

That with the distraction of Brexit (amongst others) the Public Sector will struggle to make significant progress in some areas, but I also think it will help to build even more resilience and we’ll see more examples of brilliant partnership working.

What one thing would you change about public sectors approach to digital inclusion?

Create an open and progressive digital culture that considers inclusion across every part of the organisation. So often digital inclusion is treated as a bolt-on or after thought and I’d like to see it embedded as part business as usual from the top to the bottom of every organisation. We need more digital services but it doesn’t matter how good they are if some cannot can use them.

What is the biggest challenge facing the development of digital skills?

The pace of technology is making it even more challenging for staff and the general public to keep developing their skills. Even those we thought of as digital natives a few years ago now struggle with the complexity of today’s digital world. Digital up skilling, training and learning opportunities are therefore key to staying on top of emerging and disruptive technologies.

In the context of bridging the digital divide, what is the biggest opportunity for public sector organisations?

This is a watershed moment when digital programmes such as Universal Credit and a plethora of Digital Health & Care projects have a real resonance and meaning for many of the disadvantaged and disconnected members of society. If we don’t engage with them now we may never get the chance again.

Why is the Public Sector Show important for public sector professionals to attend?

A chance to share best practice and network with fellow professionals

John Fisher is the Chief Executive of Citizens Online . If you would like to know more about digital inclusion, John will be speaking about ‘Balancing technological transformation with cultural change’ at the Public Sector Show on 26th June, at ExCel London.