8×8: How the public sector is embracing unified communications to improve customer service

Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) is a modern innovative council who are embracing the power of AI. AVDC’s transformative work has included one of the best local authority digital programmes in the country which works to improve services, with benefits such as greater convenience and less duplication, while also making savings. AVDC needed to not only improve its customer service across the board to support its 77,000 households but also implement cost saving across all services as a result of years of reduction in government grant.

8×8 has helped the council in this goal by helping it transition customer service communications to the cloud, with no loss of service for customers between the two systems.

With a fully-integrated cloud communication solution in place, the council could push forward its customer first approach – Right Here, Right Now – which encompassed all digital engagement and processes at AVDC. Changing the way the council interacts with its customers is absolutely key to the programme; everyone has a preferred method of communication, be it Twitter, talking to an advisor online or over the phone, and the council has a duty to ensure inclusive access to services for all its residents and to cater to them in an omnichannel environment in real-time.

By bringing its communications into one unified system and integrating this with its CRM system, staff in the council’s customer service centre now have access to the right information which supports them exactly when they need it. This means residents data is more easily kept up to date and agents will see this when they need it. Ultimately, this means people aren’t passed between multiple agents to solve a problem.

One of the obstacles that businesses across the board face is making sure that new technology is effective and delivers results. For example, a third of councils across the UK report that even though they have introduced new tech across customer service, keeping residents satisfied is an issue they still have to address.

This is a significant problem.  In today’s world, the average person can access information any time and any place from a variety of sources, so they expect businesses (including their local council) to be available and ready to help at all times. Without the right technology to support them, local authorities could face streams of inbound communications, alongside their own internal comms platforms such as Yammer or Slack.

8×8 is helping councils bring all of these fractured employee engagement systems and unified communications together under one roof, so local authorities can make sure their employees are well-equipped to do their jobs – and are happier doing so. This also means different parts of local authorities are no longer siloed but there’s a steady flow of customer information between departments – leading to improved cross-collaboration, united staff and overall creates outstanding customer service.

If you would like to know more about using AI to enhance your customer service, you can visit their stand G26 at the Public Sector Show, on 26 June at ExCel London.