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Eight years into austerity the public sector has made big strides in reforming itself to deliver improved value for money and avoid the pain of cuts to frontline services. Yet huge variance remains in the capacity of organisations to manage their finances, expertly engage suppliers and effectively allocate resources utilising relevant corporate solutions.

  • In 2015/16, councils received £9.9bn in Revenue Support Grant (RSG). By 2019/20, this will have dropped to £2.2bn
  • Local councils will suffer a 54% cut in their funding from central government over the next two financial years, according to a recent LGA report
  • Of 126 councils questioned, 89% said service quality was maintained in their area last year despite years of cuts

The Public Sector Solutions Expo provides a range of top-quality products, services and expert insights on key areas, including:


Effectively engaging with suppliers and managing contracts to deliver value for money for the taxpayer

Social Value:

Thinking more holistically about how to procure and deliver our services in a way that embeds social value

Financial Management:

Better managing the limited sources of public revenue and adapting to the shifting nature of finances over the coming years


Adopting a commercial mind-set and tapping into alternative revenue streams whilst mitigating risk


Attracting and delivering targeted investment to close the fiscal gap, regenerate local areas and deliver sustained growth


Working with local businesses, skills providers, transport and other economic agents to deliver inclusive and sustainable growth

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