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Xref is an online, mobile-friendly reference checking tool trusted by organisations across the United Kingdom and the world to enable fast, data-driven hiring decisions.

The fully automated solution turns a slow and inconsistent task into an efficient and valuable stage of the recruitment journey.

Xref: Safeguarding NFP Recruitment With Automation

One recruitment task that doesn’t change, regardless of the sector or role a job seeker is applying for, is pre-employment reference checking. And, given it is the solitary mechanism for ensuring candidate suitability, it is a critical component of the recruitment process and future organisational success

It is this business critical importance that the Xref automated referencing platform addressesses, and why UK-based Sue Ryder, a national NFP providing care for people facing a life changing diagnosis, now uses Xref to streamline and safeguard its hiring decisions.

Why automate reference checking?

The 2017 Xref Recruitment Risk Index: State of UK Referencing, a survey of 1,000 British job seekers, revealed that 1 in 3 (29%) candidates deliberately lie to employers to improve their chances of landing a job. A further 28% of respondents admitted they have exploited flaws in the traditional, phone-based reference checking process. Couple these findings with the nature of the issues and causes staff of NFP organisations represent and it becomes clear why Laura Sargent, Head of Recruitment at Sue Ryder, wanted to ensure she was operating a robust reference checking process.

How does Xref solve the referencing dilemma?

Despite the blatant intent of some candidates to embellish their suitability and obvious risk this poses UK businesses, candidate referencing seems to be a neglected and sometimes overlooked piece of the recruitment puzzle. Xref brings value back to referencing by safely and securely capturing 60% more data than traditional methods, returning references in under 26 hours, and offering assurance via its fraud detection feature – thus protecting the Sue Ryder brand, staff and those in their care.

The accessibility and security of the process, made possible by the cloud, has also impressed Laura, “Unlike the paper-based files we previously relied on, we now know that we have an audit trail of all reference checks we carry out”. In addition, Laura has also seen more candidates being referenced and higher-quality feedback being shared, “One of the key benefits we’ve seen since introducing Xref is an improvement in the quality of information we are able to gather, and an increase in the level of uptake compared to what we’d achieve with traditional reference checking.”

Referencing in the UK?

Due to the laborious nature of phone and email-based referencing, and unwarranted fears of repercussions from a negative reference, UK businesses have steered away from the process. Findings from the Recruitment Risk Index revealed that 23.5% of candidates were not asked for a reference of any kind in the last role they applied for.

Many organisations now provide just neutral references, confirming employment dates and job titles only. This approach not only limits the insight an organisation can base a hiring decision on, but ultimately impacts the future of the UK talent pool. Without ensuring the best people are in the best roles, we can’t be confident about future economic success.

Everyone must do their part to increase the priority placed on robust recruitment processes, and automated solutions are the best place to start.

If you would like to know more about streamlining the recruitment process, you can visit Xref at the Public Sector Show at stand C48.

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