Stand Number : C45 can help you access, attract and engage with a large audience of talented candidates, providing you with a competitive edge in the global job market. We have been supporting academic, science and research careers for 20 years and, in the last year alone, we have advertised more than 4,500 job vacancies for over 700 public sector organisations.

As a public sector organisation why should you invest in your employer brand?

As a public sector organisation why should you invest in your employer brand?

The most important and valuable asset of any organisation is its people. So, every organisation wants to attract the best talent and be seen as an ‘employer of choice’.

By building your employer brand and putting out the right messages, you can set yourself apart from the competition, helping you to attract talent with exactly the right skills, attitudes and behaviours, making them a perfect cultural fit for your organisation, which in turn will improve employee retention, but also save time and costs in recruiting.

But why is it so important? 

Attract Future talent

Improving the way you’re seen externally will help you to improve the quality and quantity of candidates.

 Improve employee retention

A revitalised employer brand can make a big impact on your existing people too. It can help to improve motivation, productivity and retention, as well as galvanise everyone to work towards shared goals.

Stand out from the crowd

Especially in the Public Sector there’s a talent war to attract and retain highly skilled workers. Making sure you stand out in a highly competitive market and connect with your audience with the right message can make all the difference, and if you attract a key influencing individual your new employer brand could be priceless. 3 top Tips

Sell your organisation

Make sure you sell your organisation. With the increasing demand for flexi-time and work/life balance, make sure potential candidates know if this is something you promote. Take every opportunity to tell the stories of your people. This will make sure your messages have an emotional connection. Promote your values, roles, rewards, and brand personality in a way that impels people to join you.

Bring your brand to life

Particularly on your website and social media platforms, as this is an access point for candidates to get a look at your company, jobseekers, particularly millennials are highly likely to use social media in their research to hunt for their next job. Use video stories and people profiles, so people understand your personality, rewards, and culture, and remember to keep on refreshing your website with engaging content, so people keep on coming back.

Include your brand within your recruitment advertising strategy

The most valuable pieces of advice can give is to make sure the way you write your job adverts captures your personality and brand, and most importantly use video content to capture the vibrancy of your workplace, include real people across different departments, that way you can tailor your adverts to match the department you are recruiting for. Our extensive research shows a higher number of Jobseekers click ‘apply’ to adverts that contains video content, so show them what it’s like to work for your organisation. Simply put people sell to people!

Come to stand C45 and find out how have worked together with many public sector organisations in standing out from the competition, promoting their Employer brand and attracting top talent.