Virtuoso IT Limited

Stand Number : G46

Established in 2011, Virtuoso is a London-based, technology solution provider focused on Microsoft Cloud Solutions.  Virtuoso are helping local authorities in the UK with the launch of Datacom Datascape, a cloud ERP solution.  Designed from the ground up specifically for local government, Datascape transforms council operations into Smart Towns and Cities.  Core ERP functions can be automated with Smart Workflows to reduce council administration costs and improve community service delivery.

SmartIoT functionality can reduce council operating cost, improve safety and accelerate council sustainability.  Cheap sensors tracking waste, transport, parking and health and social care can revolutionise how councils plan and deliver core services.

Community engagement is a simple first step with the Antenno App.  Antenno allows Councils target information to communities and citizens in real-time to enhance community and collaboration.  Citizens get information straight to their smart phone on topics that they are personally interested in; whether that be waste & recycling, community safety, schools, roads, public transport, environmental services and many other services.

Virtuoso and South Waikato District Council (SWDC)

Antenno is a free SmartPhone app that that helps Councils target information specifically at the right target audience.  Being interactive it allows for feedback and can be used to keep the community updated on issues such as:

  • Refuse Collection and Recycling updates
  • Community services such as parks, leisure centres, events and road closures.
  • Utility disruptions
  • Building consent
  • Public Safety issues.
  • School closures or changes to schedules
  • Health & Safety Warnings
  • Public Consultations

South Waikato District Council (SWDC) was always looking for new communication tools – to broaden its suite of methods it used to inform the community, to reach those people who might not be on Facebook.

Antenno helps people stay informed and get involved at a level that suits them, about things they care about, so the community in the South Waikato District can be more aware, and more engaged.

It sidesteps the need for people to search for council information or watch social media feeds, by sending notifications to people only when something comes up that is relevant to them. The app is free for people to install and use and is available on both Apple and Android smartphones.

As one resident of SWDC says “Really awesome idea and love having instant notifications of what is going on around the area”