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Malwarebytes protects UCLan form cyber-security threats

When the University of Central Lancashire launched its Enterprise Mobility Project it immediately faced a number of problems. The project aimed to provide traveling faculty with Microsoft Surface tablets for teaching, meeting and working abroad. However it quickly became apparent that the existing security scheme was not working well for its new mobile devices.

Malware started to become a substantial problem. The users of the new tablets had administrative rights, so malware found its way in through downloads and other venues. The lecturers who travelled the world, were especially vulnerable to malware coming from different sources. After a while, the mobile users began reporting poor performance and unexplained interruptions.

Malwarebytes Endpoint Security was deployed on the tablets and began monitoring endpoints using the Malwarebytes Management Console. Endpoint Security provides a powerful multi-layered defence engineered to defeat the latest, most dangerous malware, including ransomware.

After installing Malwarebytes Endpoint Security, the malware stopped. With only three technicians, this was a huge relief.

“The problems—and complaints—just went away,” said Gareth Edwards, Technical Lead, Information Services, University of Central Lancashire. “We have far less after-the-fact remediation, we haven’t had any ransomware incidents, and I haven’t touched Malwarebytes since deployment.”

Reports and updates from Malwarebytes now show UCLan exactly what is attacking its endpoints. The data analysis enables the team to see user behaviors and identify high-risk activities. They use that insight to develop best practices for user education, infection avoidance, and threat response.

Edwards also reports that when a vulnerability was found and they requested assistance from Malwarebytes, the Malwarebytes Support team took them seriously. “Their response was brilliant,” he said. “From the CEO to the field teams, they worked through every step to resolve it with us. Malwarebytes support includes some of the best individuals I’ve come across.”