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Kirona is the leading field service management solutions provider, enabling public sector organisations to increase productivity of their mobile workforce by an average of 25%, improve the quality of service and reduce costs.
Kirona is an approved G-Cloud Crown Commercial Service supplier of mobile workforce management applications and dynamic resource scheduling software.

Visit us on stand C36 where the team will be demonstrating how Kirona’s field service management software works, it’s capabilities for public sector organisations along with real life examples of outcomes achieved.

Come and listen to Sandwell Council speak on “working in partnership to create a new innovative platform to support the delivery of council services” in the workforce & skills theatre @ 10.45.


Kirona Saves Home Care Service £600,000

Scotland’s 4th largest local authority, North Lanarkshire Council, covers a population of 330,000 people and around 37,000 homes. They provide a very diverse number of services that range from caring for people in their homes, to repairing their roofs, to providing educational services.

The council’s main challenge was front-line care. North Lanarkshire Council currently carry out 2.7 million home visits a year, meaning around 7,500 home visits are made every day. The challenge of scheduling was very, very difficult. They were making 2 million phone calls and posting 300,000 first class letters every year.

After successfully deploying Kirona’s Dynamic Resource Scheduler (DRS) and Job Manager mobile application within their social housing sector, North Lanarkshire Council rolled out the framework into other sectors, including home support.

Home support workers are now provided with mobile devices to receive and organise home visit information, allocated and managed centrally via Kirona DRS software. By using Kirona’s Job Manager application, workers are able to get up in the morning and be allocated jobs for the day, week, or by job completion, without the need to go to the office, therefore saving travel time and cost between the office and the field.

Kirona DRS and Job Manager was rolled out to 1,280 home support workers within just 4 months, who carry out 2,700,000 essential visits a year. Dramatically reducing paper waste and phone calls. Robert Foreman commented “The benefits of doing this electronically means teams no longer have to send 300,000, 10-15 page first class letters a year and no longer have to make 400,000 5-minute phone calls advising of changes.” The council is saving £400,000 per annum from the reduction in phone calls and over £200,000 on postage. North Lanarkshire Council also benefited from workforce visibility, accountability and an increase of 20% in productivity since implementing Kirona’s management solutions. North Lanarkshire Council has been able to satisfy a problem that their home support workers had identified. And as a direct result of improving workforce management and scheduling, administrative tasks and costs have also been significantly reduced.

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