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Cambridgeshire Social Work Cambridgeshire County Council Case Study

Cambridgeshire County Council approached Jobsgopublic with an urgent need to fill a range of social care vacancies. They were experiencing a growth, in vacancies at all levels, combined with significant agency costs. Cambridgeshire recognised the need to take a proactive approach to a challenging situation
Previous recruitment campaigns had not delivered the required quality of candidates and they were struggling to attract sufficient numbers. Cambridgeshire had set themselves an objective of filling 24 vacancies, at varying levels. This would not only require attracting more applications than in previous campaigns but a higher quality of candidate.

The council were confident in their offer, recognising the expert knowledge that their social workers possessed and giving them autonomy in their roles. This allowed their people to make their own informed decisions regarding the care of the service users, knowing they have the full support of the service.
Cambridgeshire had also placed significant focus and investment in training. This ensured that their people were not only fully equipped to deliver the best possible care but also supported in their development and future progression.
Recognising the strength in the council’s offer, Jobsgopublic recommended the implementation of a careers microsite. This would provide a platform through which the offer could be properly communicated. Jobsgopublic rewrote all job adverts to ensure that they effectively highlighted the benefits of the roles, the service and the council.
Jobsgopublic recommended widening the reach of the campaign and targeting those who otherwise wouldn’t have thought of applying for Cambridgeshire County Council. This was achieved through using advertising platforms, such as Google and social media. The specific targeting capabilities of these platforms would reach a new audience and ensure that all traffic being driven to the site was relevant to the vacancies.


10,487  Site Visits

24  Positions filled

£1,032  Per hire

100% Success rate

Both Jobsgopublic and Cambridgeshire County Council were delighted that at the end of the campaign all 24 positions were filled.
The entire campaign had cost £24,775 which, whilst on the face of it might appear expensive, significantly exceeded expectations, with a cost-per-hire of just £1,032.

This was recognised at the 2017 PPMA awards at which this campaign won Best Value for Money Campaign for that year.

“We’ve been really impressed with Jobsgopublic. They have worked with us to create an excellent online web presence which has resulted in a number of quality applications. Successful candidates will make a positive impact on our vacancies figures and agency bill. We look forward to partnering with Jobsgopublic in the future and look forward to seeing the results from the next phase.”
Human Resources Business partner.  Cambridgeshire County Council