Stand Number : D48

The EventMAP difference – the ability to provide tools that deliver lasting change within workplace, scheduling, timetabling and estate optimisation.

What firmly separates EventMAP from the legions of management consultancies and change management specialists is that our work is firmly based within an innovative implementation of academically-proven hard science that provides our clients with well-managed outcomes and bespoke, user-friendly software tools that enable efficiencies to be both developed and maintained over time. A combination of software solutions for scheduling and optimisation that are years ahead of anything else currently available, internationally-recognised consultants and our field-proven service methodologies, offer what we feel is a genuinely unique proposition – the ability to move beyond the ‘single point in time’ redundancy of the consultant’s report and into a sphere where change actually happens within clients’ organisations and where they have the tools to make the change a permanent one.

Our extensive experience and research-based solutions provide a proven approach to optimising event planning, space planning, resource management and scheduling in a way that can deliver significant savings – which typically can run to millions of pounds of annual savings within large organisations. Our unique approach also delivers the kind of permanency and full stakeholder buy-in to organisational and transformative change that’s usually lacking from consultant-led solutions. At a time where public sector organisations in the UK and abroad are facing unprecedented financial pressures, we find ourselves with a significant opportunity to help our clients to:

  • Enable organisation-wide operational efficiency and process optimisation by understanding the demand and designing a viable solution to meet it.
  • Deliver significant financial savings by optimising the use of space through scheduling, planning and workflow enhancements.
  • Ensure that capital expenditure projects stay viable and cost-controlled.
  • Deliver people-centric solutions, ensuring the change requirement is understood and adopted.