EDF Energy

Stand Number : H8

EDF Energy is the UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity and recognises that energy is more challenging than ever, so are striving to make it simpler – to understand, buy, administer and save.
EDF invests in a range of low carbon technologies, including renewables and battery storage, and provides innovative energy solutions for commercial customers.

Power Now- helping our customers make savings through efficiency measures

Energy efficiency is one of the biggest opportunities for businesses to mitigate against rising costs and lower emissions. Simple changes such as installing more efficient lightbulbs or switching off HVAC when there’s no one in the building can add up to significant savings.

Power Now is a live energy monitoring solution that gives you visibility of your energy consumption at an asset level through easy to install hardware and on online dashboard. It can help you improve awareness of your energy consumption at a new level, allowing you to drive energy savings from behaviour change and energy efficiency measures. The platform itemises your energy usage and spend, providing you with complete transparency on where and when energy is being used- and wasted.

EDF Energy recently worked on a project to help a large office building with an energy spend of £100k per annum reduce energy waste and spend. Through the installation of PowerNow they were able to get a deeper insight into the site behaviour of their single office building with 4 floors of office space, constructed in the 1990’s.

Using the online dashboard, they were able to monitor over 280 different asset points across the site in real time, primarily measuring machines, lighting and HVAC.

Following the installation of the PowerNow solution, we were able to help the site identify savings on lighting which led to a lighting control upgrade at the site. Further savings were also identified through changing staff behaviours, rolling out a behaviour change programme known as ‘Good Housekeeping’. The overall estimated savings across behaviour change and energy saving measures came to over £12,000, equating to more than 12% reduction in energy spend in a year. More opportunities are being analysed for further energy spend reduction.

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