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The ultimate Enterprise Mobility solution, designed to help organisations in both the public and private sector to efficiently manage their mobile workforce and assets, combining an app for your users out in the field to complete their jobs and a secure and powerful, cloud based website for job scheduling and reporting.
Used globally in a wide range of industries including Facilities Management, Logistics and Healthcare and Local Government, mpro5 is cross platform, giving your staff the tools they need to get jobs done and save you time and money. Smart mobile working is at your fingertips.
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Digital Transformation: Why the solution's much simpler than you think

When the phrases ‘digital transformation‘ and ‘public sector‘ are strung together in the same sentence, people often imagine large, complex and expensive strategic IT projects. Given the history of digital transformation ventures in the public sector, they’re hardly to blame. However, this really needn’t be the case.

With the rapid increase of cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, organisations, both in the private and public sector, have the freedom to deploy incremental IT projects at a fraction of the cost and time of their predecessors. More importantly, their subscription payment models mean that you have the power to simply turn off the tap marked “cost” if apps or the technology do not function correctly – resulting in minimal financial risk being incurred. They also have the added advantage that no large upfront capital investment is needed and that the overall cost can be assigned as an OPEX.

Furthermore, SaaS solutions can be deployed much faster than custom-built applications and often include on-going technical support as part of their subscription fee – essentially meaning that the solution-provider’s IT team becomes an extension of your own.

It’s for these very reasons that Hampshire County Council opted for a SaaS solution to bring its digital transformation strategy to life. The Council’s Catering Services Division (HC3S) wanted to rid itself of bureaucracy and become a paperless establishment – giving staff the flexibility to complete all audits and workflows on iPads. By moving to the cloud, HC3S knew that it could save significant amounts of time and resources by automating many of its manual processes, such as data input and report creation.

It’s often said that the true cost of paper is only 10-11% the total lifecycle cost of the paper. What’s not factored in is all of the intangible costs associated with paperwork. And this was certainly something that was felt by HC3S’s Business Support Manager, Carol Stebbing. Referring to their old paper-based workflow processes, Stebbing commented, “While our main objectives were still achieved, the process was far from efficient. It was also demanding resources that the council could just not afford.”

Since implementing the mpro5 solution, HC3S is benefitting from:

  • Significant cost reductions – from the removal of paperwork and all of its associated costs
  • More productive workforce – via the removal of time-consuming manual processes
  • Safer students and staff – hazardous situations are flagged up almost instantaneously
  • Immediate access to real-time data –all data is automatically stored in the cloud
  • Greener credentials – by reducing its carbon footprint

“We have been using the mpro5 mobile application for over 6 years and would never consider going back to paper. The technology has more than fulfilled our original requirements, to such an extent that we’ve extended its use into other areas of our business. More so, mpro5 has helped streamline our processes without losing the detail or access to information. This is incredibly important given the efficiency needed in local government today.”

You can read the full Hampshire County Council digital transformation case study here

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