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Affinity Cars set to transform grey fleets

Employee car plans are transforming company fleets and bringing benefits to both businesses and employees.

Even with the digital revolution, cars remain a vital part of the business communication network. They’re the means by which we meet new people, make connections, reach new destinations and grow our organisations. However, many businesses are cutting down on the size of their company car fleets and are instead relying on employees to use their own cars for business. This creates what is known as a grey fleet.

The hidden complications of grey fleet

Grey fleets have often been used by businesses that don’t have high mileage needs and it makes perfect sense. There’s no need to pay large overheads for cars and employees can use their own vehicles whenever they need them. Of course, there are costs and liabilities that come with using grey fleet. If cars are being used for business purposes, the company must ensure that the driver has appropriate business insurance or that it must be provided. There will also be significant administration costs incurred by checking MOTs are up to date and that driving licences are valid. Without any telematics data, each driver is responsible for claiming their own mileage, which not only takes time away from their work, but will most likely result in inaccurate claims and payments.

Choose the third way

While company car schemes can be limiting and grey fleets create too many complications, there is another way to bring strong benefits to both the driver and the business. Affinity schemes are car plans that offer personal lease deals to employees of the companies that sign up. Each company can tailor the deals in order to select length or hire and can add extras including maintenance packages, to ensure the car is always kept up to the highest standard.

Introducing Affinity Cars

Affinity Cars is the new car plan from Arnold Clark Vehicle Management. All your company has to do is sign up, customise the plan, and then employees get access to some outstanding personal lease deals. With access to an unrivalled range of manufacturers, there’s no need to visit a showroom. All the driver has to do is pick the perfect car to suit their lifestyle, whether it’s custom made or manufacturer spec, and it can be delivered anywhere in the UK.

As well as the great benefits for drivers, companies can also be assured that all their drivers will have new, properly maintained cars. It also helps with staff retention by providing something extra that employees need. Best of all, it’s simple to implement and there’s no cost to your business.

Affinity Cars is the next step in ensuring that every company has the perfect fleet to suit their needs and the needs of their employees. With Arnold Clark Vehicle Management’s vast experience in fleet management, we have all the resources to ensure every car is properly maintained as well as the latest technology in customer support to keep you free of any unnecessary admin.

Just one of the great tools that Arnold Clark Vehicle Management customers will enjoy is access to our Journeys app, which allows users to log their business mileage at the push of a button and cuts down on any additional paperwork for the company. It will also track business miles, making it simple to create an effective mileage management plan and make your business even more efficient.

We’ve been a supplier to the UK public sector for over 30 years, looking after more than 500 clients. We’re pleased to be exhibiting for the second time at the Public Sector Show. Please come and introduce yourself to our experts on Stand C26, they’ll be able to answer any questions about vehicle requirements.