Apperception Ltd

Founded in 2000 and based in North London, Apperception specialises in developing innovative technology solutions to assist service delivery organisations of all types to be more effective and reach new clients in a range of different ways. We create online connections between providers and clients using emerging systems and infrastructure.


Gapsquare’s unique software allows you to instantly analyse, track and produce comprehensive reports around your gender pay gap data, leaving you to focus on what is important – closing the gap in your company for good.

The Gapsquare tool produces crucial recommendations, that are already supporting our clients, working with hundreds of thousands of employees, to lead on equality and diversity in their industry. We process your HR and Payroll numbers and give you in-depth knowledge, advice and insights around your pay gap, helping you to both comply with, and go beyond government regulations.  Try it now.


Jisc Govroam wi-fi

Jisc is a  not-for-profit education charity and  Govroam is  “One of our flagship services” –  A roaming network allowing public sector workers to get connected wherever they need to.

While Jisc’s primary mission is to provide ICT to education, the govroam zero touch connectivity service is aimed at the wider public sector of government, NHS and blue light services, and represents a transfer of technology from govroam’s long-established sister service, eduroam.

Govroam means that public sector employees across the UK can now travel between any participating public services’ building and connect to the network, without touching their laptop, smart phone or tablet. Once the profile is installed, the connection happens automatically. Govroam cuts the costs for any given venue of offering visitor facilities, helping them support visitors securely. This encourages collaboration and sharing of resources. It’s great for GDPR compliance, too.

You can download the Govroam Companion app here :



Watch an ITN Govroam report








Local Government Chronicle

LGC is the business intelligence service giving local government decision makers the information they need to transform services at this challenging time.

Our growing subscriber base enjoys unlimited access to our digital information service, regular news alerts, daily briefing and magazine offering insight, commentary, data, best practice inspiration and opinion on the most important issues facing the sector. LGC also brings key local government players together through the sector’s biggest celebration of excellence – the LGC Awards – and events including the Chief Executives’ Summit, roundtables and webinars.

BAE Systems

BAE Systems help nations, governments and businesses around the world defend themselves against cybercrime, reduce their risk in the connected world, comply with regulation and transform their operations.
We create competitive advantage and enhance operating performance for our clients by exploiting data and digital connectivity.

Estate Research

Estate Research is a company of established genealogists specialising in locating next of kin. For over 10 years we have provided a free service to the public sector, including councils, NHS trusts and coroners. We assist authorities nationwide, locating beneficiaries worldwide. Please visit our stand or contact us to discuss how we can assist your authority.


Taylor & Emmet LLP Solicitors

Taylor & Emmet LLP Solicitors Inheritance Tracing team serve the public and private sector in both contentious and non-contentious matters relating to inheritance and asset tracing including locating next of kin, administering intestate estates, empty properties, deputyships, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards and applications to the Court of Protection.

London Construction Programme

Working Together Builds Better Results!

London Construction Programme W1 – MW14 Major Works Contractors Framework is a multiple lot managed framework for use by London Commissioning Organisations, which is set up and managed by Haringey Construction Strategic Procurement Team.

The LCP W1 – MW14 framework contains 30 separate lots, across three separate Value Bands and covers general construction works ranging from £100,000 to £999,999, to £10,000,000 plus for more complex construction related works across the London region and surrounding areas.

The Lots are split by works areas (Housing, and Education and Others) and offers perspective users of the framework and excellent opportunity to achieve a Value for Money outcome for all construction related projects within the London Region.

GovTech Leaders

GovTech Leaders delivers the latest news, analysis, intelligence and resources to help power digital excellence within the UK public sector. Featuring insight and information from leaders across the public sector, as well as the leading solutions providers who are helping to transform service delivery, we help our community deliver tangible results internally and to end-users.

Opencell Limited


We provide legal mobile phone signal inside Hotels, co-working hubs, Offices, Government Buildings , Sporting Stadia and pretty much any building that struggles with signal.

More and more buildimgs are suffering with poor indoor mobile phone coverage due to the energy efficient materials blocking the signal. OpenCell provides mobile phone signal inside buildings where standard signal is not enough. If you have poor or non existent coverage in your business centre, OpenCell will work with you to provide a solution based on their new technology.

Using femto cells, you can have complete mobile coverage for your building – even underground. Unlike repeaters, signal boosters and DAS systems that are often installed without the operators’ consent, our mobile phone signal service is completely legal with each installation being connected by fibre backhaul directly to the UK mobile operators networks.