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The ongoing rationalisation of the public estate has led to pioneering new schemes in shared services, agile working and the development of more modern workplaces. Given the sheer size of the estate and the inconsistency in practice, the potential gains of transformation remains huge. Alongside this, effective management and delivery of infrastructure assets has increased in importance as a way of delivering more regionally balanced growth and overcoming the UK’s anaemic productivity growth.

  • The 2017 update to the National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline has outlined over £460bn of planned public and private investment in infrastructure, rising to an estimated £600bn over the next 10 years
  • To date, early One Public Estate projects have raised £70 million in capital receipts, cut running costs by £20 million, created 5,700 new jobs and released land for more than 1,300 new homes
  • Out of 189 countries considered, the UK ranks only 31 in terms of average broadband speeds
  • The GPU aims to reduce the government estate from around 800 buildings to 200 by 2023 through the creation of shared, multi-departmental regional “hubs”

The Public Sector Solutions Expo has a range of tools available to estates and infrastructure professionals, providing a variety of pioneering solutions and insights, including:

Estate Rationalisation:

Reducing operating costs, optimising workspaces and sharing services to get real value for money from the public estate

Housing and Planning:

Effectively coordinating on planning and regeneration to expand the stock of homes and deliver on the government’s plans to combat the housing crisis


Understanding the tools for public sector leaders to decarbonise assets and meet green objectives

Digital Connectivity:

Ensuring collaboration between local government and the private sector in the roll-out of 5G and full-fibre broadband


Effectively delivering projects in rail and road to create better connectivity and growth for both urban and rural areas

Asset Management:

Managing public assets in a way that strategically fulfills an organisation's business needs, ensuring efficiency of space use and maximising ROI

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