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Digital and technology has created the opportunity to solve any number of public sector challenges, with the potential to reduce costs, deliver more citizen-centred services and bring government into the 21st century. For much of the sector however, a lack of capital investment, security fears and legacy issues make digital transformation difficult and risky.

  • £102,964,667 – total of reported Digital Services framework sales as of December 2016
  • More than four-fifths (85%) of senior public sector HR leaders believe that a lack of digital skills is adversely affecting their organisation
  • Half of all councils and 73% of the top 100 councils say that they use some form of cloud computing
  • Just over three quarters (76%) of councils were affected by cybercrime in the past year

The Public Sector Solutions Expo provides a range of tools and expertise to meet your digital needs across key areas, including:

Digital services:

Going digital by default and delivering e-Services that have intuitive user experiences

Digital Literacy and Skills:

Avoiding digital exclusion for the most vulnerable and ensuring the public sector workforce has the capability to meet the needs of digital government

Automation and AI:

Understanding the future of automation in the public sector and utilising machine learning to routinise procedures and streamline services

Data and the Cloud:

Looking at paths to effective cloud adoption and leveraging data to better understand the needs of citizens and organisations

Cyber Security:

Find ways to protect individuals’ information and protect essential public digital services in the face of increasing cyber-attacks

Smart Cities and IoT:

Delivering joined-up digital countries and cities, ensuring integrated, sustainably and efficiently managed areas

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